About Clara

Clara was born March 11 2012, She is an alert, happy and kind English Springer Spaniel. She is a bit lazy, but likes long walks and running free in the forest is never wrong.

Clara loves food, all food.
We give our dogs lots of fruit and veggies, cabbage and bell pepper are the best. Apples, raspberries, currant, plums, gooseberries, pears, even chard they pick themselves. Not Clara though, she does not take anything from trees or bushes. The leek and chives mysteriously disappeared from our garden box.

Clara has tested agility and ordinary dog training but that is not for her.

Her fetching is different; she runs very fast to the dummy, rounds it, perhaps picks it up but puts it down again, runs back to you, happy, but without the dummy.
She is an excellent tracking dog, very careful and skillful.
After more then 2 years with us, she suddenly learnt high-five!
She is an excellent fly catcher! Like a lion she moves to the fly, stands absolutely still and takes the fly in a blink of the eye.

Clara likes dog shows, there she can show off and run perfectly like only she can .

To greet Clara has its risks, your glasses can be damaged even if you are 190 cm tall! She bounces high up and kisses with her mouth open, so there is a risk for swollen lip and bleeding nose too. The best is to keep her down, but that is not the simplest thing! She calms down quickly but is a bit intense, specially if you are not used to dogs.

Clara is a lapdog, sitting in someones lap and put the head on the shoulder is the best she knows.

She also likes to be high up, if you sit at the dinner table or desk you suddenly have Clara there. With no effort she elegantly jumps up and puts her head beside, or on, the newspaper, keyboard or book.

Another favourite place is the corner of the sofa in the evening, curled up so you hardly notice her and a blanket is never wrong.

Clara has a perfect bark, low and muffled so she sounds much bigger than she is.