Clara´s puppies

In August 2014 Clara was mated with Fly (Barecho Quite A Flyer).
She has been very hungry and tired. Some days in week 3 you could see she was feeling sick, she didn´t gulp down the food and even left the breakfast uneaten. She is a bit less bouncy too.

Around week 5 the long walks became a little too much and the running in the forest was more a slow stroll.

Her fur has been shining and beautiful all the time.

Two photos show her puppie-belly!


The puppies were born October 23.

Clara was fantastic! So calm and knowing. She took care of the puppies perfectly. She is the best dog ever!

First photo is the birth of puppy number 3. Second is Clara and the first 3 puppies. Third is Clara and the first 5 puppies.


You can read more about Fly and the puppies at Big Brazzel´s web page.