SE U(U)CH C.I.E NO UCH Night Wish Darrem Canis Calvdale Point of Law Calvdale Blak to The Future Baldragon Back Again Cleavehill Sleigh Ride
Baldragon Broken Dream
Calvdale Take No Prisoners Calvdale Take The Stand
Moscodees Merry Maid
Calvdale Question of Fact GB SHCH Calvdale Crimewatch GB SHCH Wadeson Inspector Wexford
AU CH Coorigil Constellation
Carskip Somebody Told Me Via Calvda GB SHCH Skilleigh Tan Sandy
Calvdale Chanting Bell at Carskip
CZ CH C.I.E PL CH Barecho Just My Style SE U(U)CH NO UCH Whisborne Inferno SE U(U)CH Melverly Mystery Maker Clanach Crown Destiny
Melverly Mystery Girl
EUW-97 KBH V-97 WW-98 NORD V-99 SE U(U)CH NO UCH Whisborne Poco Loco NO UCH Inu-Goya Custom Cruiser
Whisborne Intermesso
SE U(U)CH Barecho One in A Million FI V-99 NO V-99 SE U(U)CH NO UCH Barecho Ambitious Agent Rowntree Knight Commander
Nobhill Dark Piece of Art
Barecho First Class Flair Jester’s Dancin’ Dirty
DK UCH Nobhill Sheza Love Story
SE U(U)CH Big Brazzel Catch Me If You Can SE V-08 SE V-02 NO V-04 FI V-05 C.I.E NORD UCH Barecho Fun For The Future NORD V-01 SE U(U)CH C.I.E NORD UCH WW-00 LU CH Whisborne Angus Og NO UCH Nimblewhit Flower Power DK UCH NO UCH GB SHCH Chaigmarsh Orchid
NO V-91-93 NO UCH INT UCH Brigadoon Scarlet’s Nimblewit
Adamant’s Special Colours KBH V-95 WW-94 KBH V-94 NORD UCH INT UCH Whisborne Devil in Disquise
EE CH FI UCH INT UCH Adamant’s Rose D’amore
SE VCH SE V-99 SE U(U)CH NO UCH Barecho Pretty Picture LP Rowntree Legal Alliance NORD UCH Nobhill Upper Class Delight
Rowntree Happy Talk
Nobhill Scarlet O’hara Gramp’s Grande Edition
SE V-93 NO UCH Nobhill Chance’s Happiness
Rowntree Xlnt Fashion at Account SE U(U)CH SE V-03 AU CH Fraelighte Full Frontal AU CH Cleavehill Bob Sleigh Cleavehill Sleigh Ride
GB SHCH Cleavehill Bewitched
AU CH Fraelighte For Play AU CH Tholia Takit to Themax
AU CH Fraelighte Flame Damour
SE U(U)CH Rowntree in My Mind SE U(U)CH Tailwind’s Lucky Charm SE U(U)CH Mistily’s Wizard From Oz
SE U(U)CH Tailwind’s Twisted Sister
SE U(U)CH Rowntree Pure Velvet FI UCH Adamant’s Gengis Khan
Rowntree Your Highness